• Ludovica Teresa Paluschi


    Date of birth:20th Semptember 1995
    Language:Italian, HSK 3 (score 208) English (level B2, First Certificate), Spanish (level B2, Dele), German (no certificate)

    Hobbies & Interests:I love cooking, almost italian food (but I'm ready to practise new way of cooking), I like taking photograph and reading book; I also like relax myself and walk in parks or in streets.
    Self-introduction:I'am a determined person, I love spending time with people(and also with children) and I'm generous and helpful; some-times I could be also touchy and sensitive.
    Other reasons:I really want to do this experience because I really want to visited China and in the same time I like to take care of children; I really hope that I could combine this two things.

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  • Vivienne Scheidler


    Date of birth:24.01.1999
    Language:German, English: level Intermediate, Spanish: level Beginner

    Hobbies & Interests:I could do sports every day especially track and field. Beyond I like to watch sport events or even visit museums or art galleries! To be creative is almost as great as to be in the nature and hike there for example.
    Self-introduction:I am a tolerantly and hence liberal-minded person who is curious about new experiences. All in all I am relaxed but nevertheless I have determined as well as friendly and very optimistic personality.
    Other reasons:I would not like only to get to know China as a tourist. My own intention of an Au pair is that I would rather belong to the unity of the people. In addition I am interested in the Chinese culture and everything that belongs to this. 

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  • Ashley Lam

    Date of birth:April 15/1996
    Cantonese ,Chinese - Advanced, English – completely fluent, French -  beginner

    Hobbies & Interests:I like doing anything physically active, from running to rock climbing, I like them all as long as it gets me moving! When the weather is nice, such as during Spring and Summer time, I enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and swimming in the lake. I also like to do puzzles of all sorts as well as Sudoku.
    Although I might seem like an introvert at first, I am actually quite talkative and outgoing once you get to know me! In my free time, I enjoy being physically active. I also enjoy watching theatre and musical shows, as well as doing Sudoku. When school is less busy, I enjoy reading a good book as well. As much as I like spending time with friends and family, I also value my alone time. I strongly believe that having time for yourself is essential for one’s mental health.

    Other reasons:I wish to further develop my childcare skills.  I have previously worked as a part time caretaker for children, and I would like to have the opportunity to work with the same child/children on a daily, full-time basis. I foresee myself continuing to work with children in the future and I believe being an au pair will be a valuable experience in this pursuit.

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  • Aline Gruber

    Sports Talent

    Date of birth:Sep 28th, 1992
    Language:German(Mother language)、English(Fluent)、French(just a little bit)、Chinese(Beginner)
    Hobbies & Interests:I love various sports. I often go to the Gym which is close by my home to do the exercise. I go skiing in the winter and go swimming in the summer. I'm still an active gymnast who is training lots of girls to do the sports exercise.
    I love reading, painting,playing piano and walking with puppy.
    Self-introduction:I am open-minded,honest,and kind person.And also I am calm and cheerful.  I am not very chatty at the first moment, but that changes after some time. Sometime I can't say"no" even if I should...
    Experiece :Regarding my experiences with childcare, I used to baby-sit the three children from my neighbours and two children from another family in town as a teenager. I always had a great relationship with these kids.
    Other reasons:Acctually it's a childhood dream to visit China. Probably because the panda was always my favourite animal. Then my uncle went to work in China for three years and I was amazed by the pictures he was showing and the stories he was telling.
    And I got more and more interested in the whole culture. When I could choose Chinese as a elective course in college I fell in love with it.
    The earliest time I could start:Jan 3rd 2017      
    How long:5 months



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  • Francesca Graham

    Date of Birth: March 2nd, 1998年
    Language:English(Mother Language)、French(Just a little bit)、Spanish(A level)
    Hobbies and interests:I love reading、Baking、Jogging、Painting、Playing piano、Skiing and Swimming.
    Experience of taking care of kids:From a large family with multiple cousins that have children aged from infant to teenager. I have baby sat for my auntie regularly.
    Motication for Au Pair Stay:Enjoy looking after and helping children. Also gain experiences in varying cultures to improve Chinese skills.
    A letter to the family(excerpt):As family we have hosted a French exchange student who visited us three times, yearly to  learn English. Because of this I appreciate the value of not only learning a different language  but also understanding cultural differences and in turn developing bonds. Our families are  now firm friends. I believe that this Au Pair Scheme is a special opportunity for me to participate in. To live  and work in China, as well as getting to know your family and immerse myself in your culture  will be incredible. 
    The ideal way to spend my gap year! I cannot wait to meet you all. 
     What is the earliest time I could start:Nov 1st , 2016  
    What is my perferred duration of my stay:3 months

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  • Josephin Kirchner


    Date of birth:Apr 22nd, 1997
    Language:German(Mother language)、English(Fluent)、Latin(learned for 4 years )、Chinese(Beginner)
    Hobbies & Interests:
    Reading outdoors travel, competitive sport, make new friends, discover new things
    I am a caring and compassionate person, also mature and well organized, but I don't have the childlike innocence that part of the lost heart, so I'm good at to take care of the children to play with them.
    Other reasons:
    During my time as an Au pair in China I would love to learn more about the chinese  culture, history and language.  I hope that I get well integrated into your family and that we do some things together.  For me working as an Au pair is much more than just a job. I enjoy everything I do with  all my heart and would love to see you treating me not as someone that works for you,  but as someone who is part of your family.  I hope that we’ll all be able to learn something from each other and have a great time  together.  

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  • Marko Curovic

    Handsome Big Brother

    Date of birth:Apr 2nd, 1991
    ontenegro(Mother language)、English(Fluent)、Russian(Beginner)、Spainish(Beginner)
    Hobbies & Interests:
    Reading, chess, playing football
    Consciously motivated, adventurous, a sense of responsibility
    Other reasons:
    Overseas working experience, experience Chinese culture, to meet new friends, discover a new world



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  • Jessica Pancotti

    Republic of San Marino

    Nationality:Republic of San Marino
    Date of birth:Dec 11th, 1994
    Mother language),English(Fluent/C2), French(B1), German(A2)

    Hobbies & Interests:
    Music, books, sport, drawing
    I’m generous, sincere, honest, positive, happy and patient. I love children and I always look for new adventures and experiences
    Other reasons:
    I’m interested in learning the Chinese language and I’d like to enter in contact with a different culture and work with Chinese children

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  • Lea-Teresa Freihsl


    Date of birth:June 20th, 1993
    Mother language),English(Fluent)

    Hobbies & Interests:
    singing, reading, writing stories, taking walks, to bake, sightseeing, visiting museums, travelling
    I'm  a observativ young woman who is full of life and loves children and animals. I have a great sense of responsibility and know how to set priorities.
    Other reasons: want to learn more about chinese culture and the differences between China and Europe

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