We are lively and love laughing, met the orthodox Tai Chi, practised very well!

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The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp, heared that the bright sunshine matches us better,oh! We are lively and love laughing, met the orthodox Tai Chi, practised very well! After the Tai Chi experience and the teacher's "Fighting"Let us realize the strength and charm of Tai chi!
China, I can't gain an insight into you through my whole life!

Tai Chi, national intangible cultural heritage, is a set of good temperament, physical fitness, fighting against a variety of functions in a  soft, slow and flexible, the traditional martial arts move among force and soft. Taijiquan has gradually become a cultural link connecting different races, different nationalities, different languages and different countries. It has become an important carrier of Chinese cultural exchange and communication.
Students from Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Finland , 6 countries in all,studied Taijiquan, they are very interested in Chinese Kung fu. Before learning, the teacher led the students aupairs to do some warm-up exercises.

 Tai Chi is the charm,
Only Taiji can do it,
Tai Chi, like a cake,
the classic old tea,
Years of mortals can not lock its charm.

In order to let the aupairs have a more intuitive understanding of Taijiquan, the teacher personally demonstrated a variety of techniques to master Taichi, let students benefit greatly.

we are lively and love laughing, met the orthodox Tai Chi, practised very well!

After a preliminary understanding of the development of Taijiquan, several aupairs wanna fight with the teacher. In the face of beginners, teachers choose the most simple boxing began teaching, explained, while doing the action. In a few minutes, a couple of students were sweating profusely. Uri, from Holland said, "it's much easier to look at than you practise it by yourself".

The aupairs were satisfied with the experience of Taijiquan activities, they were very enthusiastic, can experience this activity of Chinese ancestors things, the students could understand the mutual China culture better, to better integrate into the Chinese family, it have a positive effect.

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